Why and Who We Are

The Beginning

Lev and Matthew began the givers group with a common purpose, to help those in need and to provide the people who don’t know how to give the guidance to make the biggest impact possible on the people who need it the most.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe in helping others not only with the available resources but also by educating and implementing a pay it forward system so that the people we help can help the people around them as well.

The Partnership

Lev and Matthew met in April of 2015 at Matthew’s Millionaire In Training networking meetup, and they clicked right away. After a couple of coffees they decided to partner up and engage in a group which today they call the givers group.

The Outcome

Pursing our passions further we managed to set aside time to organize a mastermind group in which we were able to brainstorm and gather valuable information that leads us to take action.

My name is Lev Karasin, and I am a multi-preneur. My “why” is to make a beneficial impact on others so that they can revolutionize and amplify their lives. I did not come from a prominent family. I come from a family that works hard, a family that has been through endeavors, which strengthened my character and crystalize my desire to help. I want to make a difference in this world by developing a better quality of life for everyone. It is my top priority to give back to the community. I have been given the right opportunities, and I believe that I can help everyone else capitalize on the opportunities that they are given as well . I am a strong believer that as an individual I can never achieve what we could all achieve collectively; we can make a difference in our communities and that’s what this group is all about.

With all the charities and organizations out there that are helping those in need, there is still so many that struggle. Therefore, we seek to develop a platform and link arms with others who not only want to give but to make an impact and be part of the change. It is a movement of people who have a collective goal to make a difference in the communities of under-privileged youth. These givers would not only contribute financially, but connect with one another through resources, ideas and experiences. Together we can make an impact to many!