Fill The Deck

From left to right, Matthew, Lev, Rob, Prevail.

This event was inspired by Sherry Cote from Vista Villa. She gave the Givers Group the idea of collecting food items for the food bank by doing a food drive. Kelowna hosted the Fill the Trunk event and we put a spin on it in the city of Vancouver. This is what transpired from it.


LBS Non-Perishable items

We are proud to say that we have achieved a milestone of 465 Pounds of non-perishable food items and a total of 995$ in cash donations. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank converts 1$=3$ with the connections that they have with distributors and farm markets.


I will add the video that will be featured on Lifestyle Channel once it is released, stay tuned.


Below please find our inspiration, sponsors, and donors who were engaged and contributed to this amazing cause.



Inspiration: Sherry Cote, Fill the Trunk event in Kelowna.




Mr. Taxs, Boatlife, Lifestyle Channel, Kristen Roberts, BizLynxs






Donors:, Jaime Chadwick, Jordan Blore, Helen Tran, Ed + Terry Tack, Cody Medjuck, Chantelle Mini Levesque, Rael + Tanya Karasin, Angelica + Arthur Levshuk, Lorenna, Alisa Treliving, Septima Yasinowski,  Anthony Roberts, Rebekah Gioe, Dallas Tack, Parker Burrow, Mika Vlahovich, Cheryl Roberts, Sheldon Lee, Chelsea L.V. Jordan and Blake lee.



Marco Tomasevich, Kristen Roberts, Jaime Chadwick, Jordan Blore.


Special Guest:

Prevail; Kiley Hendriks

Thank You everyone for making this event Special. We shall see you at our next event. We will send out invites.

Fill The deck

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We are sorry we changed the date from the 20th to the 21st.

August 21th, at 11AM, at 1199 Cordova St W, Vancouver BC V6C 3P9

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