Project Book Drive

What a great evening, full of entertainment and giving. We raised 500+ books for the Kindlers Society. These books specifically will be sent to Nepal and Mexico. Teachers will be reading these books and teaching students how to read who are under privileged and cannot afford to buy English literature.

From books come inspiration, information and knowledge. We read books and then we tend to not read them again because we yearn for new experiences.

Thanks to the Kindlers society all those books that we are no longer reading and getting our inspiration from can be given to someone who doesn’t have the same luxuries as we do. We can spark a growth in a new generation. What may appear to us as clutter can become a treasure others.

We are grateful to give to people who are in need. We could not have done this alone, thanks to the support of our network.

Below are the donors listed for this event. Please if we missed your name leave a comment and we will immediately put it up.



Karen, Clive, Cheryl and Kristen Roberts, Dallas, Ed, Terry Tack, Jenn Pool, Alisa, Brian, Xavier and Zayne Treliving, Tanya and Rael Karasin, Rock Habib, Shannon, Septima, Rebekah, Shpend, Cladiuo, Matthew Chadwick, Sean Parson, Emily, Heath and Travis Braich, Matthew, Jordan and Andrea Giberson, Marco Tomasevich, Book Store (Langley), Sheldon, Chelsea, Jordan and Blakelee.


Nova Sol – Live music, Top shelf Bartending, The profile- Venue, Railtown catering,



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