Poker Tournament Hosted by WFG


The Givers Group had another successful debut with a collaborative venture put together by Norm Meldrum the Executive Vice Chairman of the World Financial Group with the help of Stampeders defensive co-ordinator DeVone Claybrooks.

Including table sponsors: Scotiabank-Home Financing Solutions, Scott Venturo LLP, TriWest Capital Partners, Versalt Inc, WESTGLAS insulations Ltd, World Financial Group

240 poker players attended the event that was hosted in Calgary at the Cowboys Casino.

With everyone’s help, the event raised 150k for the Children’s Wish Foundation, which grants approximately 50 wishes for children who are critically ill.

Thank you, everyone, who contributed to the cause!

Spring Rolls Handout

Giving on a cold January day in Vancouver in one of the most undesired places to live. East Hastings is well known for it’s demographic of homelessness and drug addictions.

Unfortunately, the city of Vancouver has allocated people who are the most in need into one territory.

With the power of giving we supplied over 1000 spring rolls to people who need it the most. The gratitude was enormous, above are some of the pictures that capture the giving.

A team of givers is powerful and can accomplish any task desired.

This isn’t for us, it’s for them!

Thank you for the support: Rock Habib, Shannon, Kristen Roberts, Matthew Klapwijk, Virginia Klapwijk

If I am missing someone please comment below and I will add you in.

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A Givers Christmas

A Givers Christmas Movie

Giving at the Gordon Project Raincity Housing and Shelter

Together with the Givers Group and Unique Get Together Society we accomplished a feat that we had little preparation for. In over a week together we sponsored 35 homeless people at the Raincity Shelter and Housing in Coquitlam BC.

We created a package of winter goods that would help each homeless person in this cold winter. The package contained gloves, socks, sleeping bag, scarf and a hood.

We had such extraordinary help over the holiday season that we exceeded our goal by also sponsoring a single dad, Robert James Hogge, who just got out of surgery as well as his son, Derek Hogge. Together Robert and Derek came out and paid it forward to giving to the homeless.

On top of that, we had enough gifts to give to a family who lost their house to a fire in Chilliwack, and we teamed up with Chantelle Mini Levesque for the Fill The Limo event.

Tons of good news coming from the Givers group this Christmas.

There will be a video coming out for everything that transpired, the purpose is to inspire many others to give. We will release the video after it’s final edits, so stay tuned.

Special thanks to the Givers who donated gifts:

Paige+Chris, Claire Ausa, Virginia & Ferdinand Klapwijk, Pascale Hansen, Watson Gloves

As well a big thank you for the givers who sponsored the homeless, the following is a tiered system (the amount of homeless people sponsored by each individual/company):

Rock Habib
Adam Temple
Matthew Klapwijk
Lev Karasin
Ahmed Aibak
Alvin Lpo + Robert Chow
Dallas Tack
Marco Tomasevich
Ultrashine Hand CarWash
Chalmers Family
Kristen Roberts
Jordan Chalmers
Greg Elliot
Shelby Townsend
Cody Medjuck
Rebekah Gioe
Sebastian Sevallo
Jennifer Lou
Morgan Stewart
Gurjeet Bhattal
Jacob Pacleon
Deborah Pacleon
More big thanks to Chris and Treven from House Hippo Media for participating in the cause, making and editing the video.
And last but not least the wonderful and supportive staff from Raincity shelter and housing.
This project was thought out through a skype meet by the founders of GG as well as Debra Abraham from UGTS.

We look forward to seeing everyone in our next project.

We are proud to say that with your help we have been able to grow our group beyond our imagination and with all of your support we can grow to new heights.

What a way to end 2016!

This is The Gordon project part of the Raincity Housing Shelter

If someone’s name wasn’t mentioned please contact us directly and we will fix it right away.



Project Book Drive

What a great evening, full of entertainment and giving. We raised 500+ books for the Kindlers Society. These books specifically will be sent to Nepal and Mexico. Teachers will be reading these books and teaching students how to read who are under privileged and cannot afford to buy English literature.

From books come inspiration, information and knowledge. We read books and then we tend to not read them again because we yearn for new experiences.

Thanks to the Kindlers society all those books that we are no longer reading and getting our inspiration from can be given to someone who doesn’t have the same luxuries as we do. We can spark a growth in a new generation. What may appear to us as clutter can become a treasure others.

We are grateful to give to people who are in need. We could not have done this alone, thanks to the support of our network.

Below are the donors listed for this event. Please if we missed your name leave a comment and we will immediately put it up.



Karen, Clive, Cheryl and Kristen Roberts, Dallas, Ed, Terry Tack, Jenn Pool, Alisa, Brian, Xavier and Zayne Treliving, Tanya and Rael Karasin, Rock Habib, Shannon, Septima, Rebekah, Shpend, Cladiuo, Matthew Chadwick, Sean Parson, Emily, Heath and Travis Braich, Matthew, Jordan and Andrea Giberson, Marco Tomasevich, Book Store (Langley), Sheldon, Chelsea, Jordan and Blakelee.


Nova Sol – Live music, Top shelf Bartending, The profile- Venue, Railtown catering,



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Fill The Deck

From left to right, Matthew, Lev, Rob, Prevail.

This event was inspired by Sherry Cote from Vista Villa. She gave the Givers Group the idea of collecting food items for the food bank by doing a food drive. Kelowna hosted the Fill the Trunk event and we put a spin on it in the city of Vancouver. This is what transpired from it.


LBS Non-Perishable items

We are proud to say that we have achieved a milestone of 465 Pounds of non-perishable food items and a total of 995$ in cash donations. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank converts 1$=3$ with the connections that they have with distributors and farm markets.


I will add the video that will be featured on Lifestyle Channel once it is released, stay tuned.


Below please find our inspiration, sponsors, and donors who were engaged and contributed to this amazing cause.



Inspiration: Sherry Cote, Fill the Trunk event in Kelowna.




Mr. Taxs, Boatlife, Lifestyle Channel, Kristen Roberts, BizLynxs






Donors:, Jaime Chadwick, Jordan Blore, Helen Tran, Ed + Terry Tack, Cody Medjuck, Chantelle Mini Levesque, Rael + Tanya Karasin, Angelica + Arthur Levshuk, Lorenna, Alisa Treliving, Septima Yasinowski,  Anthony Roberts, Rebekah Gioe, Dallas Tack, Parker Burrow, Mika Vlahovich, Cheryl Roberts, Sheldon Lee, Chelsea L.V. Jordan and Blake lee.



Marco Tomasevich, Kristen Roberts, Jaime Chadwick, Jordan Blore.


Special Guest:

Prevail; Kiley Hendriks

Thank You everyone for making this event Special. We shall see you at our next event. We will send out invites.

Fill The deck

We are hosting an event!
We are sorry we changed the date from the 20th to the 21st.

August 21th, at 11AM, at 1199 Cordova St W, Vancouver BC V6C 3P9

The details are outlined in the RSVP form.

RSVP for the event by clicking on the RSVP anchor icon above.

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